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About Penumbra

Alison Murphy and Alyssa McClary are wives who opened Penumbra in March 2020. Since then, they opened a second location inside Apotheca Flower Shoppe in Goffstown, NH. Penumbra started as a purveyor of plants and plant accessories, and that has since expanded to jewelry, cards, candles, and many, many stickers.

Penumbra's goal is to be a plant store for the people - one that's not intimidating, and will meet you where you're at on your plant journey.  If you've never owned a plant but have always wanted to, our staff can't wait to help you! The plants Penumbra keeps in stock tend to be easy going, low maintenance, and good for a variety of light types. 

Penumbra's aesthetic is "plants we can't kill," because neither Alison nor Alyssa have a background in plants, but love them and are loving learning more about them!

Our staff loves to help people find the best plants for their lives and their space. So look around, see what kind of light and temperature your space gets, and then come chat with us. We can help you find the right fit.

Alyssa and Alison stand behind a table advertising the plants and other goods found at Penumbra.
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